I recently purchased my first home in Westerly, RI, with the assistance of Thomas J. Capalbo, III, Esq., (T.J.), and the team at Capalbo, Capalbo & Hartford, LLC (CC&H). 
As this was my first home purchase, I did not quite know what to expect when it came to closing time (other than what I had read online), but T.J. was happy to take the time to break down the process for me and answer any questions I had.  T.J., and the CC&H team were very knowledgeable, and they made me feel like I had known them for years even though we had only spoken a few times. T.J., and the CC&H team worked with my Mortgage Lender as well as my Real Estate agent to ensure everything was in order for closing, and they even made it possible for me to close 3 days ahead of schedule! I would highly recommend T.J., and the CC&H team to anyone in search of a lawyer in the Westerly area.  
~ Maura M., Westerly, RI